How Google Algorithm Changes Can Tank Your Site In A Flash

Gone are the days when you can build a website in a flash, and you can easily get away with violating Google terms and conditions in order to improve your rankings. With changes in Google algorithms penalizing websites using black hat SEO, websites that are caught doing illicit activities may now be subject to serious consequences. In other words, your site can quickly tank.

As the saying goes, the world is fast changing so is technology. Search engines doesn’t want to continue websites having activities that violate their standards run rampant these days so it is often a big risk for website owners to resort to black hat SEO.

Ways your website gets tanked

One of the sure ways to make the most of your website is to employ white hat SEO which does not only help improve ranking but help boost one’s confidence. It provides knowledge and assessment for faulty website and makes decision making in line with Google’s terms and conditions. While black hat SEO takes the shortcut, it puts your site for tanking by Google algorithms by the following method:

  • Stuffing keywords – Google panda crawls over a website and would deem the site containing low quality content ranking it low
  • Irrelevant keywords – same as stuffing keywords, the algorithm would see this is as site with low quality content
  • Linking over-optimization – forcing internal links to About Us, or About the Company makes the link weak
  • Hiding text and links – while in Alt descriptions, it is okay to put texts a bit concealed, but deliberately hiding or concealing them by putting text to 0 value, changing the font color to match the  highlight can make the Google algorithms tank the site
  • Scamming content – copying the content by placing URL’s randomly in site can really hamper the ranking
  • Baiting and Switching – the trickiest of them all by switching and changing the content once the ranking have gone up after carefully placing keywords. Your website may get accused of misleading web users.
  • Web Rings – deliberately setting up websites with direct links to other sites that also contains one’s links. This method has been observed by Google Panda algorithms lately and sites may get penalized easily.

Changes in the algorithm set by Google has now made illegal and shady SEO practices tank websites easily. Overall, these changes made more site owners be more aware of their actions and help them decide on the best way to improve their site ranking.